Richest Woman In South Africa Top 10 Richest Women In SA

Who Is The Richest Woman In South Africa 2020?

Have You Been wondering who the richest woman in South Africa is? Well, we have the right answer for you below, The Richest Woman In South Africa is Wendy Appelbaum

Explore the full list of the Top Richest Women In South Africa 2020:

1. Wendy Appelbaum – R2.6 Billion

Wendy Appelbaum is South Africa’s richest woman and her net worth is currently valued at R2.6 billion. As a renowned businesswoman, she owns DeMorgenzen Wine Estate –the asset she bought with the help of Hylton Appelbaum –her husband. She is believed to have risen into great wealth under the influence of her husband. But above this, she is an active businesswoman with immense monetary contributions. The most notable of her contributions is the R150 million she laid down as a donation for the establishment of Donald Gordon Medical Center and the Gordon Institute of Business Science.

2. Wendy Ackerman – R1.9 billion

Wendy Ackerman is declared with the net worth of R1.9 billion, making her the second richest South African woman. The best part of her surging wealth is attributed to the Ackerman Family Trust –a family business that accounts for nearly 50% stake of “Pick `n’ Pay’’. Also noteworthy is that “Pick `n’ Pay’’ is one of South Africa’s largest retail outlets. At Pick `n’ Pay Holdings Limited, Wendy Ackerman assumes the role a non-executive director. With vibrant business services, “Pick `n’ Pay’’ now operates in Australia as well as African countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, and Namibia. Apart from her notable contributions in the business sector, Wendy Ackerman pays great attention to the activities aimed at environmental conservation. Wendy Ackerman Is Second Richest Woman In South Africa As Of 2020

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3. Irene Charley – R1.5 billion

Irene Charnley first came into limelight by working as a negotiator under South Africa’s National Union of Mineworkers. Meanwhile, she served as the coordinator of the sub-units of this sector for 13 years. Also in the past, she assumed the role of Executive Director in a number of giant organizations. Even as of now, Irene Charnley is greatly acclaimed for her diverse roles as the Non-Executive Director of Firstrand Limited, Director of Johnnic Communications Limited and Non-Executive Director of MTN Group. With all this, it is obvious that she deserves a place on this list with the net worth of R1.5 billion.

4. Bridgette Radebe – R1 billion

Bridgette Radebe is unarguably the richest black woman in South Africa. She is said to have risen from a wealthy family comprising billionaire younger brother –Patrice Motsepe. Based on reports provided by Forbes, Bridgette Radebe is the originator of Mmakau Mining –a subsidiary mining company based in Johannesburg with the possession of major mining properties in platinum, gold, coal, and uranium.
Bridgette Radebe stepped her foot in the mining industry in the early 90’s. During that period, she specialized in shaft management alongside procurement and production services for South Africa’s bigger mining companies. Currently, she boasts of her own mining firm with the whopping net worth of R1 billion.

5. Sharon Wapnick – R433 million

With the net worth of R433 million, Sharon Wapnick is believed to have generated the best part of her sumptuous wealth from Alec Wapnick –a wealthy father. According to the reports obtained from Forbes, Sharon Wapnick forms part of the top 5 biggest stakeholders in the duo of Premium Properties and Octodec Investment. Meanwhile, these two stock companies specialize in property loan services with a presence on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange.

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